Unsurpassed Quality, Style and Convenience

Pupperton natural hardwood pens look beautiful anywhere. The traditional wire, fabric or plastic pens just don't cut it in upscale homes today. Pupperton sets the standard for contemporary design, ease of use, and versatility. By using only premium 100% solid hardwood, rich unique character shines in every product, and the luxurious lightweight sturdiness of wood can't be matched by any other material.

Pupperton true handmade quality is second to none, and we stand behind everything we make. Experienced woodcrafters build each product to the highest standard by hand sanding, cutting, finishing and assembling to assure the finest quality product possible. Our pens are serial-numbered and signed by the final assembler who personally guarantees your product's quality, and it's backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Pupperton hardwood pet products are truly unique. We build your pen, crate or gate to order exactly how you want it. Want a special size, color or wood? No problem. Or, if you're happy with one of our many standard models, it's easy to order on our website by simply selecting the options you want. No other company that we know of in the world does this.

When you understand upscale in-home pet confinement like we do, you understand the value and advantage of owning a Pupperton product delivered in just a few weeks or less.

Concerned about chewing? Pupperton hardwood products are specifically designed to inhibit chewing - we wouldn't be in business if we haven't uniquely solved this concern. As our ultimate assurance, we guarantee that if your pet breaks your Pupperton pen, we will repair, replace or refund your money per our satisfaction guarantee to you.

Simply put, PuppertonĀ® means:

The highest-quality.

The most versatile.

The easiest to own.

The finest appearance.

Made in USA     Made in America through and through.

"Our value is in our products when what you value is in one too."- S. Shaw, President, MN Woodcraft, Inc.

 Buy a PuppertonĀ® pen today!

And realize what you - and you're pet - are missing.

(PS. We still have some product photos and new products to add to our store as we put the polish on our new site update, so please excuse the "dust".)