The Best Wooden Dog Crates – Fit for a Queen!

Your dog gives you unconditional love.

How will you return that love when you have to leave your dog home alone?

One of the best ways is to give her the best wooden dog crate money can buy. A dog crate is your pet’s own home – a home where she has every comfort she needs when you’re away - and it's particularly important if you’re gone all day.

The best wooden dog crates are also the safest!

Professionals agree that a dog crate is by far the safest place for your dog when leaving her home alone. With safety comes security: an upper and lower latching and locking gate, attached floor, and available locking top cover ensure safe-keeping by Pupperton.

Beautiful pieces of furniture you’ll have forever…

Think of it: you’ll have this piece of Pupperton furniture for your entire dog's life - and for your life too. Once a dog lover, always a dog lover. That’s why the investment in a solid, premium hardwood dog pen makes a lot of sense.

Feature-rich means more benefits of ownership.

Our patent-pending design features are industry breakthroughs and will be appreciated every day.

A snap-on floor that can be machine-washed and dried, and a chemical-tolerant finish makes cleaning a breeze.

Pupperrton pens can be set-up and packed-up in under 2 minutes!

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Pupperton stands behind every product we make by covering your product with a lifetime limited warranty and customer service that make sure your pen can be repaired to like-new condition if it should ever be necessary. Each pen is signed and serial-numbered by the craftsman who builds it - we take quality seriously.

We offer a large range of dog pen sizes. If you only crate your dog for short periods, choose a smaller crate, or for day-long stays, choose a larger 4x4 pen so she has room to eat, sleep, play, and potty if necessary.

Concerned about chewing?  Don't be!

Our crates are specifically designed to inhibit chewing, but if in the rare case it does happen, you are covered by our limited lifetime warranty for all needed repairs. We wouldn't be in business if we hadn’t solved this problem!

Delivered to your home - Fast!

A wire, fabric or plastic pen is an eyesore in your living room. Replace it with a beautiful red oak, maple or cherry hardwood pen in a color stain that matches the other wood furniture in your living room - we’ll build and send it to you in a few days to a few weeks - not months!

 “My little dog loves her Pupperton pen. It’s her sanctuary after a long day. She often curls up in her pen during storms, when she’s stressed out, or when we have company with little children. It’s her ‘safe place’ to get away.”

Made in USA     Proudly made in America