Our Price: $939.00

A top-of-the-line handcrafted 100% solid hardwood indoor dog pen built to keep two small pets separated while confined in one space - a double-pen!

It's our flagship wooden pet pen designed with a removable divider and two gates to comfortably keep your pets and their individual beds, potty pads, water and food separate in their own comfortable areas. The gates can be configured to both open to the outside, or make one an internal pass-thru.

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This is our top-of-the-line Golden Oak-finished solid Red Oak 4'x4' pet exercise pen built to keep two small pets separated while confined in one space - a double-pen!


  • A beautiful mesh-insert four-pane folding top cover.
  • A padded floor having a dark red outer perimeter/backshell and coffee brown pet surface/pen interior.
  • A pen divider panel that can optionally be used to divide the inside of the pen in two to keep multiple pets separated but close.

There are two pen gates that can be configured to both open to the outside (on opposite sides of the pen), or configured to make one an internal pass-thru. Photos are shown of both configuration examples.


Our Price: $799.00

The Pupperton flagship large pet pen. A luxurious 4' square in-home dog pen specifically designed to keep your pet safe and secure all day and night.

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Our Price: $89.00

A set of clear plastic pen liners provide an impenetrable barrier between your pet and your pen's wooden dowels and lower rails.

Our Price: $949.00

Sale Price: $569.00


A gorgeous clear-finished, solid CHERRY crate with solid MAPLE dowel accents. A beautiful and functional addition to any home.

Designed for a smaller dog (up to about 20 pounds), it has a locking dual top and bottom latch system for security and a padded snap-in floor mat for pet comfort that can't be bunched up in a corner and protects the engineered wooden crate floor.

The finish is a completely non-toxic clear water-based conversion varnish that's silky smooth.
The wooden crate floor is easily removed for easy cleaning access inside the crate.

This is a very tough and durable crate with excellent air flow for your pet, and has Pupperton's uniquely easy-to-operate gate design.

Our Price: $14.00

This kit will allow you to restore your pen to like-new condition when you have one or more broken or damaged pen dowels.

If one or more of the dowels that you're planning to replace have screws in each end, order this "Complete" kit - this kit includes the bits you will use for the screws and to drill a small hole in the new dowel for the screw. You will also need to have an electric or battery-powered drill do drive the bits since this is not included. If this is the kit you need, removing and reinstalling the screws is very easy with the supplied driver bit, as is drilling the small holes in each end with the supplied drill bit.

If none of your damaged dowel(s) have screws in either end, then you can order the "Bit-less" kit.

The "Complete" kit includes everything listed here:
  1. 5 Replacement dowels finished to match your pen
  2. 5 Dowel nibs
  3. 1 Drill bit (usually not needed)
  4. 1 Screw driver bit (usually not needed)
  5. 1 Instructions

Our Price: $11.00

Order this kit if you have a broken or damaged dowel(s), and you have previously ordered the "Dowel Repair Kit, Initial".  Shipping is free.

If you're not sure about what wood species and/or finish color your pen is, choose "Unsure" for those options and we will look it up in our sales records.

Kit includes:

  1. 6 dowels finished to match your pen
  2. 6 dowel nibs
  3. Instructions

Our Price: $109.00

Buy a second floor mat to snap on when the original one (included with your pen) is going through the washer!

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