Retail Product Display Demo-Crate

Our Price: $295.00

A great-looking retail display crate that's compact-sized to occupy a small area but with standard gate and height dimensions to help fully demonstrate all Pupperton pen functionality.  The pen fencing is made of premium-grade solid maple hardwood with a burgundy-stained finish.

This demonstration pen is exactly like a standard pen except:
  1. The top is framed plywood vs. the non-framed solid hardwood used in our customer-sale products.
  2. The floor does not have carrying handles (they may be a possible trip hazard in a store environment).
  3. It's length and width are approximately 2' x 2' - not a standard product size.

This in-store or transportable display crate operates just like every Pupperton pen and provides a "hands-on" experience for your customers to see and feel a "mini-version" of how a Pupperton pen works. Intended for retail stores, affiliates and distributors, it demonstrates the full functionality, quality, style, construction, finish, texture, and other qualities unique to all Pupperton pens.

It's a solidly constructed ~24" wide X ~24" long X ~26" tall display crate with a solid wood top capable of supporting up to 200 lb. objects, or items such as a Pupperton retail display sample board.  Made of maple hardwood and stained an elegant dark cherry/burgundy color, it impressively shows the upscale nature of Pupperton products.

All in all, this crate is the next best thing to actually having a full-sized Pupperton pen on display.

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