Pet Gate, Mounted Swing-style, Custom-made for your Location

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A simple and secure heavy-duty wooden pet gate that permits passage by simply lifting 3/4" and swining the gate to open it.  When mounted on a wall corner, a full 270 degree swing is possible.  The gate can easily be removed from it's mounts in less than 3 seconds.

It mounts to a wall in a home or office door or hallway, and has no bar extending across the opening to pose a trip hazard like pressure-fit swing gates.  This makes it ideal for use near the top of stairs!

Width sizing is custom to your opening, so it truly looks like it belongs there! Once delivered, the width is adjustable plus or minus 3/8".

Standard gate height is 26.5" when mounted with a typical 1" floor clearance.  The gate can be ordered in one of two addtional heights.

Styled in the standard Pupperton upscale aesthetic.

Mounted swing gate permits passage by simply lifting the gate 3/4" to unlatch it and reversing the process to latch it.  A simply gravity lock that is easy for humans but virtually impossible for pets to operate is provided in the event your pet learns how to lift and open the gate.

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