Clear Plastic Pen Liner/Protection Set

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A set of clear plastic pen liners provide an impenetrable barrier between your pet and your pen's wooden dowels and lower rails.

These .060" thick protective plastic panels are nearly invisible and messes caused by your pet to make their way onto and outside the pen. Useful if your pet can't be trained or otherwise inhibited from chewing on the pen's wood keeping messes inside if you have a "squirter" or one that kicks food about.

May be used occasionally or permanently since they're easily and quickly installed and removed by gently snapping on and off w/o damaging the wood finish - no tools required!  Designed for our standard height pens, but will also work all custom height pens taller than 22".  May also be custom ordered if you have an "odd' size, or non-Pupperton brand pen - just contact us with the dimensions, and we'll send you a no-obligation quote.

The plastic is 100% recyclable PETG - the same clear material that the drinking water is bottles sold in stores are made with - except a lot thicker!

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