4' x 4' Double-Divided Dog Pen


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A top-of-the-line handcrafted 100% solid hardwood indoor dog pen built to keep two small pets separated while confined in one space - a double-pen!

It's our flagship wooden pet pen designed with a removable divider and two gates to comfortably keep your pets and their individual beds, potty pads, water and food separate in their own comfortable areas. The gates can be configured to both open to the outside, or make one an internal pass-thru.

Two luxurious 2'x4' pet pens in the efficient space of a 4'x4' and at significantly lower cost than two individual 2'x4' units. Ideal for multiple pets that have to be confined separately. A single standard 4'x4' floor mat services both pens, so removal for machine washing and drying is simplified.

Please click our website tabs above for details regarding our finish, flooring, functional features, and product technical data that support our unique combination of best-of-breed qualities for indoor pens.

Add a durable mesh or dowel top for added security and a padded floor for extra comfort.

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This divided pen is perfect for breeding in my house


I bought a clear maple divided pen for breeding havanese puppies and also got the pen liners. What a wonderful product! It matches my cabinets and floor, and works and looks like it was built just for my house. After 3 broods, it still looks like new. Awesome product!

2-dog answer


this is the nicest looking solution for a couple dogs that i can\'t leave together when i\'m not home. the pen is very durable and looks great. i also bought a folding dowel top and it lifts up so i don\'t have to put treats and water in through the gate like other pens.

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