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Complete Dowel Repair Kit

Our Price: $14.00

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This kit will allow you to restore your pen to like-new condition when you have one or more broken or damaged pen dowels.

If one or more of the dowels that you're planning to replace have screws in each end, order this "Complete" kit - this kit includes the bits you will use for the screws and to drill a small hole in the new dowel for the screw. You will also need to have an electric or battery-powered drill do drive the bits since this is not included. If this is the kit you need, removing and reinstalling the screws is very easy with the supplied driver bit, as is drilling the small holes in each end with the supplied drill bit.

If none of your damaged dowel(s) have screws in either end, then you can order the "Bit-less" kit.

The "Complete" kit includes everything listed here:
  1. 5 Replacement dowels finished to match your pen
  2. 5 Dowel nibs
  3. 1 Drill bit (usually not needed)
  4. 1 Screw driver bit (usually not needed)
  5. 1 Instructions
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