4' x 4' Double/Divided Golden Oak-finished RED OAK Pet Pen


Our Price: $1,872.00

Sale Price: $999.00

This is our top-of-the-line Golden Oak-finished solid Red Oak 4'x4' pet exercise pen built to keep two small pets separated while confined in one space - a double-pen!


  • A beautiful mesh-insert four-pane folding top cover.
  • A padded floor having a dark red outer perimeter/backshell and coffee brown pet surface/pen interior.
  • A pen divider panel that can optionally be used to divide the inside of the pen in two to keep multiple pets separated but close.

There are two pen gates that can be configured to both open to the outside (on opposite sides of the pen), or configured to make one an internal pass-thru. Photos are shown of both configuration examples.

Please Note:

  • Images shown are examples of other pens showing how this pen can be set up - except for the close up of the red oak hardwood rails - these are the actual pen rails to show the color of the pen being sold.
  • This pen is heavily discounted only because it has been our prime top-of-the-line show/exhibition demonstration pen that has been refurbished but may still have a few superficial scratches and dents remaining after being refurbished; these do not affect general appearance or pen function whatsoever.

This pen is like having two 2'x4' pet pens in the efficient space of a 4'x4' at notably lower cost.

Ideal for multiple pets that you want to confine separately but keep close together and each has their own entry/exit gate. A single standard 4'x4' floor mat services both pens, so removal for machine washing and drying is simplified.


  • Size (external): 47-3/8"L x 36"W x 26"H.
  • Total Weight: 19 lbs.
Top Cover:
  • Removable and locks onto pen fence with clear plastic clips.
  • Folds open (in half) to provide easy access to all items inside the pen.
  • Finished to match the pen fence.
  • Each half has two mesh inserts (one in each pane).
  • The mesh in one or two panes is not as taught as when brand new on this demo unit, but does not sag and still looks and functions great.
  • Double latching: top and bottom
  • Lift 3/4" to latch and unlatch.
  • Integrated locks prevents lifting to open.
  • Each swings both in and out.
  • Removable (spring-loaded hinge dowels on each).
  • Machine washable and dryable (low/no heat only).
  • Snaps-on to prevent pets from "tunneling' out underneath the frame or bunching the floor up inside.
  • Also used as the pen's carrying case (integrated carrying handles tuck underneath when pen is being used).
  • Lipped up around the inside perimeter to prevent fluid leakage to the outside.
  • Extremely durable dual-layer unit made from an acrylic impregnated polyester (marine fabric) top layer and a nylon outer backshell.
  • A foam rubber pad inserts between the two fabric layers and must be removed prior to machine washing and drying the shell; the foam pad should never need cleaning.
  • Floor colors: Dark red outer perimeter/backshell with a coffee brown padded pen interior.

Divider Fence Panel:

  • Used to divide the pen into two smaller pens. Installation is done when the pen is set up and is completely optional.
  • Finished to match the outer pen fence.
  • May be swapped with a gate panel to so a gate panel can be used as a pen divider to allow an internal pass-thru for pets inside. The divider panel then becomes the rear pen fence panel.
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