3' x 3' Pet Pen


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A compact and easliy transported READY-TO-SHIP NOW medium-brown-finished maple 3'x3' pen with a snap-on floor mat that's coffee-brown inside and gold around the outside perimeter of the pen.

The Pupperton 3'x3' model is a great choice in pet kennels for your smaller pet! In addition to your smaller pet, it's designed to also contain food and water dishes, a small carrier-sized "bedroom" or open fluffy bed and lots of toys - everything for happy and content extended day-long safety and security!

Our premium hardwoods and finishes blend beautifully with virtually any home or business decor, and our innovative product features make this the easiest-to-own indoor kennel - and one of the best looking super-safe, very secure and comfortable dog kennels available.

The snap-on, waterproof, machine-washable floor mat (which doubles as the carrying/storage case) is included, and the pen can be set up and packed up in about 1 minute without tools!  A padded floor (upgrade) is also available for ultra pet comfort if the pen will be located on a hard surface.

We build-to-order and use only premium-grade hardwoods at Pupperton. Choose from a vaiety of 100% premium solid hardwoods and stain colors, or finish it yourself and save some money!  We build to order and typically ship in 1-3 weeks (not months!) to ensure you get exactly what you want.

You can trust that the best pet pen available for smaller pets is this 100% American-made high-quality in-home mini-exercise pen from Pupperton! Its signed and serial-numbered heirloom quality will impress everyone that sees and uses it every day for a lifetime!


  • Size (external): 36"L x 36"W x 26"H.
  • Weight: 16 lbs. to 23 lbs. depending on hardwood and whether a padded floor is used.


  • Double latching: top and bottom
  • Lift to open/close: 3/4".
  • Integrated lock prevents lifting to open.
  • Swings both in and out.
  • Removable (spring-loaded hinge dowel).
  • Hinge side: right

  • Coffee Brown inside with Gold outer perimeter.
  • Machine washable and dryable (low heat).
  • Snaps-on to prevent pets from "tunneling' out underneath the frame or bunching the floor up inside.
  • Also used as the pen's carrying case (integrated carrying handles tuck underneath when pen is being used).
  • Lipped up around the inside perimeter to prevent fluid leakage to the outside.
  • Extremely durable dual-layer unit made from an acrylic impregnated polyester (marine fabric) top layer and a nylon outer backshell.
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