2' x 4' Large Pet Crate - READY TO SHIP!


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Sale Price: $759.00

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READY-TO-SHIP and $150 OFF! A gorgeous and unique BURGUNDY-finished solid OAK hardwood 2' wide by 4' long by 26" tall (all dims. approx.) pet crate.
This 100% premium natural American red oak hardwood pen comes with your choice of floor colors. The gate is on the 2' end and is hinged on the right side (the left side swings).
Buy it now before it's gone!

Photo 1: Color* and woodgrain example of this crate being sold.
Photo 2: Available floor color* selections.
Photo 3: Crate gate configuration of pen being sold, but this is not a photo of the actual pen being sold (color is not correct).
* Please note that colors are approximate due to variations device displays.

Will ship in 1-2 business days.

The Pupperton 2'x4' model is an obvious in-home pet kenneling choice for owners that don't have enough space for a larger pet pen. In addition to your smaller pet, it's designed to also contain dishes for food and water, an inviting bed in the middle, lots of toys, and a potty pad, if necessary - everything for happy and content extended day-long pet safety and security!

At just under 2' by 4' in size, this pen fit nicely against a wall or along the back of a sofa in the middle of the room. Our premium hardwoods and finishes are a natural fit for any decor, and ingenious product features make this pen just as easy to own as our larger flagship 4'x4' pen.

The snap-on, waterproof, machine-washable floor mat (which doubles as the carrying/storage case) is included, and the pen can be set up and packed up in about 1 minute without tools!  A padded floor (upgrade) is also available for ultra pet comfort if the pen will be located on a hard surface.

We use only premium-grade hardwoods at Pupperton because quality shows. Choose from a vaiety of 100% premium solid hardwoods and stain colors.

You can trust that the best confinement product available for smaller pets is this 100% American-made high-quality large in-home crate from Pupperton! Its signed and serial-numbered heirloom quality will impress everyone that sees it for a lifetime!


  • Size (external): 23-1/2"W x 47-3/8"L x 26"H.
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Double latching: top and bottom
  • Lift to open/close: 3/4".
  • Integrated lock prevents lifting to open.
  • Swings both in and out.
  • Removable (spring-loaded hinge dowel).
  • Hinge side right on the shorter (2') panel.
  • Machine washable and dryable (low heat).
  • Snaps-on to prevent pets from "tunneling' out underneath the frame or bunching the floor up inside.
  • Also used as the pen's carrying case (integrated carrying handles tuck underneath when pen is being used).
  • Lipped up around the inside perimeter to prevent fluid leakage to the outside.
  • Extremely durable dual-layer unit made from an acrylic impregnated polyester (marine fabric) top layer and a nylon outer backshell.
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