Do you let your pet "run free"?


To get this discussion started, we'll start off in rather mundane fashion before riling up controversy in the near future...

Pupperton understands that many pet owners do not believe in pet confinement; for the sake of this discussion, this means they believe that letting their pets "run free" is perfectly fine. We also think that letting a pet run free is acceptable - but only in certain circumstances. So,....

Do you let your pet "run free" - and why?


I have 2 toy poodles and I do not let them run free. I have had Alex since he was just a puppy and Holly was a rescue dog used for breeding in a puppy mill. Holly was not potty trained and now Alex has decided that is it ok for him to potty in the house also. As a result I have had to kennel them both. I first tried using a fence to keep them in the kitchen but Holly being an extremely high jumper, would clear the fence seconds after I left the house. Now each dog has his own plastic carrier. Holly is having bad anxiety and has been chewing on the metal cage door of the carrier. She has worn her bottom teeth down from the chewing. Has any of you experienced similar situations? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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