The Purpose of Our Blog...


The primary intent of this blog is to build a repository of expertise and professional opinions surrounding the issues of pet confinement - kind of like a conversational "pet confinement knowledge base". Ultimately, it can then serve to educate new pet owners and also help long-time pet owners intelligently (re)consider their current pet confinement situation when the need arises.

In other words, let's share success stories around confinement solutions, products and services that work well, and warnings against those that don't!

For example, as a dog grows older, he may develop a new behavioral or physical problem such as incontinence, a disease, the inability to jump or even walk, or any of countless other problems. These are not only problems for your pet, they're problems for you. So, for any specific problem, will a change of confinement protocol help? If so, what change(s)would be best? If not, then what are the alternatives?

By discussing individual situations, this blog should gravitate toward several general confinement approaches, and develop recommendations that better solve (or lessen the impact of) them. The objective is to ultimately provide the best "quick answers" that thousands of people are looking for.

So, please weigh in with your opinions, comments, questions and recommendations. Tell us what works/worked for you - or didn't - and why. If you have a question, please ask it! Believe it or not, your situation is probably not as unique as you think it is!


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