The Purpose of Our Blog...


The primary intent of this blog is to build a repository of expertise and professional opinions surrounding the issues of pet confinement - kind of like a conversational "pet confinement knowledge base". Ultimately, it can then serve to educate new pet owners and also help long-time pet owners intelligently (re)consider their current pet confinement situation when the need arises.

In other words, let's share success stories around confinement solutions, products and services that work well, and warnings against those that don't!

Do you let your pet "run free"?


To get this discussion started, we'll start off in rather mundane fashion before riling up controversy in the near future...

Pupperton understands that many pet owners do not believe in pet confinement; for the sake of this discussion, this means they believe that letting their pets "run free" is perfectly fine. We also think that letting a pet run free is acceptable - but only in certain circumstances. So,....

Do you let your pet "run free" - and why?

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